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Air Conditioning Options

Information on Air Conditioning Options

Air Conditioning System / Unit Options:

Depending on your requirements Andersons Air Conditioning can offer either:

A single split system with various types of indoor units
ie. high wall or low line convector type units, ceiling cassettes or a ducted systems.


A multi system which is one exterior condenser unit supplying several indoor units of varying types as above.

Modern air conditioning equipment has a very high energy factor or COP as it is known in the trade. This means that for every one kilowatt of electricity used, most systems provide a gain of approximately 4:1. For example, if the unit is in heating mode for every kilowatt of electricity used, you get four kilowatts of heat energy. This is due to the constant innovations of refrigeration technology and electromagnetic technology, ie using DC motors and inverters to constantly vary and match the heating and cooling requirements of your premises.

For more information on the different types of Air Conditioning Systems and Units available, please Contact Us.