Andersons AC
House Cooling

Heating Air Conditioning installed at house

This installation of a Mitsubishi, heating and cooling, multi unit at a old couples house. The units were used to both heat and cool the lounge, hall way and bedroom but they were mainly there to dry the air so one of the clients could breath much better as he had a server breathing p
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Conservatory Air Conditioning

Conservatory Air Conditioning and Heating

A Conservatory installation carried out by Andersons AC. This Daikin low wall, heating and cooling unit is used to heat cool and dry the air due to condensation on the conservatory glass. You will notice how neat and compact the air con unit is and its the perfect addition to any cons
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Bedroom Air Conditioner

Bedroom Air Conditioning Installation

Andersons Air Conditioning can provide you with air conditioning and heating systems suitable for bedrooms. This Mitsubishi heating and cooling wall mounted unit is neat and very efficient at cooling your bedroom in the hot Summer days and nights. If you would like Bedroom Air Conditi
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