Andersons AC
Alan Howard

Air Conditioning Installation Stockport

Andersons’ carried out this installation in the new build extension for Alan Howard Ltd in Stockport. The installation consisted of 2 – Mitsubishi VRF systems and one stand alone split system for the Server Room. Ground floor has 4 compact ceiling cassettes installed in three in
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Whitefield Synagogue

Whitefield Synagogue Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Installation

Andersons Air Conditioning carried out this installation in the function room at Whitefield Synagogue in Bury. The room has a capacity of up to 250 people. During the summer months the when the room was in use, it was extremely uncomfortable due to the heat. Also, during winter the ex
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Air Conditioning Installation for Selecta in Manchester

Andersons’ carried out this installation for Selecta in Trafford Park, Manchester Selecta required 2 air conditioning systems, one was to provide cooling in their new vending sales showroom, due to high number of machines in there and the second system was to provide comfort heating a
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Installation of Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning at Dental Lab

Andersons installed a combination of VRF and Twin Split air conditioning and heat pump systems into the offices and labs at the dental laboratory in Bolton. We installed Mitsubishi ceiling cassette units throughout. The customer also had gas central heating system installed at the sam
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Installation of Heat Pumps and Air Con in Manchester College

Andersons carried out a combined installation of heat pumps and air conditioning systems at a college in Manchester. There was 8 split ceiling cassette systems and 1 x twin, split ceiling cassette system installed. The Cages for outdoor units were made by a local fabrication company a
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Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Installation at Nursery in Manchester

Combined heat pump and air conditioning system installation was completed by Anders AC. The job was completed in Little Leaver in Manchester. The system was installed due to the high running costs of their existing storage heaters.        
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House Cooling

Heating Air Conditioning installed at house

This installation of a Mitsubishi, heating and cooling, multi unit at a old couples house. The units were used to both heat and cool the lounge, hall way and bedroom but they were mainly there to dry the air so one of the clients could breath much better as he had a server breathing p
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Air Conditioning in School

Sharples High School has Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Installation of  two, 10 kw, Mitsubishi heating and cooling ceiling cassettes were installed at Sharples High School. The Air conditioning units were installed in the school library and mainly used for cooling due to school kitchens being located directly underneath.   Save
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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning installed in Salford Apartment

The below picture shows an installation of a Mitsubishi wall mounted heating and cooling unit that was completed by Andersons Air Conditioning. The air con unit was installed in an up-market Salford quays apartment.
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Air Conditioning in Manchester University

Andersons Air Conditioning installed 3 Mitsubishi, 12Kw, high level cassettes providing heating and cooling in the media studio at the Didsbury university campus. The job has escalated into installation of air conditioning units in the classrooms and the film editing / audio rooms wit
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